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OPALS Access
How to Access our Databases
  • Click the link to go to OPALS
  • Access Database Find the Search Database icon and click on it
  • Select the database you want
  • You will be prompted for credentials
    Username: Wildcats (case sensitive)
    Password: See staff member
College and Careers
Do you want to become ready for college and careers? If so, this is a must!

Inquiry is a main component of teaching and learning that empowers students to use their sense of wonder to make new discoveries and gain insight about the way the world works. These learners call upon what they already know, they ask intriguing questions about what they don't know, investigate the answers and make new understandings and share this new knowledge with others.

The cycle shown below is the process that students should use to research and find answers to their questions and to build greater understanding: Color version of Stripling Model Used with permission from creator, Barbara Stripling, Senior Associate Dean, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University.
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