Visual Arts

Our program exposes students to art throughout their school career at Gouverneur Central School. It has produced students that go onto college to major in art education, marketing, illustration, and digital design.
High School
Studio in Art
Studio in Art is the foundation course for the high school art curriculum. The course emphasizes three areas: the understanding of art, the valuing of art, and the creation of art. To aid in the understanding and valuing of art, students will explore the history and the cultural significance of art. Students will develop artistic and creative-thinking skills by experimenting with a variety of art materials and processes through teacher directed activities. Areas of study include drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, crafts, and printmaking.

Each student will be required to build a portfolio of completed works and maintain a visual journal (sketchbook). The portfolio will include handouts, concept plans, drafts, and finished projects. The journal, which will be checked and critiqued periodically, will be used to aesthetically record reflections and observations of experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

This course gives the student the opportunity for self expression in three-dimensional form. It will also allow students to experience and experiment with sculptural techniques of carving, modeling, casting, and construction using a variety of materials.

Drawing and Painting I
This class is recommended for grades 10 - 12. Drawing is an essential skill that influences the decision-making and product of every artist. Throughout history painting has influenced art movements, religion, politics, décor, and much more. This course will explore drawing and painting techniques and media including graphite, charcoal, ink, watercolor, oil, and acrylic on various surfaces.

Drawing and Painting II
Drawing and Painting 2 is designed for the student who excelled in Drawing and Painting 1 and desires a higher level of study in these two areas of the Fine Arts. Students will further explore the techniques, media, and styles they have learned previously. They will also begin to develop their own distinctive style, which will lead them to an individual art display at the end of the school year. Students will be expected to complete weekly homework drawings or written critique assignments. A final portfolio will also be required.

Ceramics I
This course will allow students to develop skill and proficiency in working with clay as the medium. Extensive work will be done with the clay construction methods of slab, pinch, and coil and to create “hand built” projects as well as an opportunity to experience the challenge of throwing on the potter’s wheel.

Ceramics II
This course is a continuation of ceramics I. In this course we will place greater emphasis on wheel throwing technique, sculpture, and expanding the student’s abilities gathered in Ceramics I. Advanced projects will be assigned that allow for creativity on the part of the student and also enrich his/her understanding of the craft.

Scenery and Lighting
This course has been created to offer students the opportunity to work with a “real world” experience in the visual arts. It will be offered to correspond with the annual musical production and offer students the opportunity to participate in the planning and construction of an actual theatrical set.

Computer Imaging and Design
This course will introduce basic graphic skills and techniques with desktop publishing, advertising and graphic design, and computer manipulation. Gain insight into the utilization of technology in the artist's environment by studying Art Movements, Principles of Design, Communication and Media Production. Exposure to computer art will enrich previously learned design skills and provide a creative foundation for the potential graphic artist /designer. Students will learn the basics of manipulating the 'elements of design' through the use of computer software, to create a visual world with endless opportunities, fostering their creative/artistic development. This is a fast-paced program with high expectations for mature behavior and work ethic. Some computer knowledge is recommended.

Photo I
This course will introduce students to the art of photography. Students will learn how to use digital cameras and be introduced to Photoshop. This is accomplished through a number of challenging projects. A good background in art and a commitment to quality ARE necessary.

Video Production
Designed for grades 10-12. During this course, students will create their own movies using original footage shot with a camcorder, and edited with the video editing software. Students will learn how to tell a story, learn the basics of camera shots, and how to use a camcorder, tripod, and microphone to create the audio and video tracks for their movies. They will create various projects such as a video of various camera shots, commercial, news story, an interview, and more. Group projects may be part of the course. Having a camcorder or digital video camera is highly recommended, but not required. Time must be spent outside of class to plan for and acquire raw footage for projects. At the end of the semester, students will create a DVD of their projects.