Staff Recognition

Gouverneur Central School District recognizes several staff members throughout the year for their hard work and dedication to the district. Nominations are submitted via a letter by fellow staff members. The nominations are reviewed and the recipient is chosen by the Shared Decision Making team.
2016-2017 Recipients
Roland "Rolly" Houghton
"Not only does Rolly clean and maintain our school, but he also builds lasting relationships with our students. A few months ago Rolly and the students became close through writing messages back and forth on the classroom white board. Students initially started writing thank you notes at night and when they came back in the morning students found Rolly had written kind notes in return. As time passed few students kept writing notes that led to questions about Rolly and his life. Today, Rolly has become a significant part of our school community."

Debra French
"Mrs. French is a caring and compassionate teacher who puts everyone else's needs in front of her own. Mrs. French goes above and beyond what is expected of a teacher to make her students feel safe, comfortable, and cared about. She goes out of her way to fulfill her students' basic needs, including giving them food, clothing, and hygienic products. She encourages her students to volunteer and help out in our community... she leads them in food drives and making care packages for the troops. Mrs. French helps organize the Veterans' Day presentation each year, which is valuable to our students and community."

Staff Recognition Dec 2017
Jerrilyn Patton (GTA VP), Krista Wainwright, Martha Burt, Kathy Stamper, Sean Devlin, Pam Mahay (GTA Pres)
Photo Credit: Gouverneur Tribune Press: Jessica Cardinell

Krista Wainwright
"Krista not only manages the kitchen and its staff at East Side with ease, she does so with putting our kids first in mind. Krista leads by example making sure each student feels special each and every day. I have invited Krista to join the FACE committee and she has not only joined but has been a huge asset to the committee. She has new and fresh ideas. She comes to each meeting with the willingness to listen, suggest and implement ideas that benefit not only our students but the parents, community members and staff as well. I have witnessed her after a day of working in the kitchen at school, put on another hat and cook/wait tables for a local charitable organization. It is clear to me that Krista is a deserving candidate for this award."

Kathy Stamper
"Kathy not only does her own job but is often asked to fill in and accepts taking on the responsibility with a smile and no complaints. She has great rapport with the students and the faculty and is always a joy to be around."

Martha Burt
"Martha goes way beyond and above for our students every day at every school. Martha makes breakfast for our students making sure they get protein to start their day and she pays for all of this herself. She never asks for anything and she deserves to be recognized for all she does."

Sean Devlin
"For over 15 years, Sean has been a dedicated faculty member and coach for the Gouverneur Central School District. One could make the case that Sean has positively affected more Gouverneur young people than anybody else remaining in the district. His devotion to the district has always been unwavering, but this fall Sean was responsible for being the face of a tragedy in the district. Sean carried the burden of telling 34 young men on a school bus that a teammate and classmate had died in a car accident. He then proceeded to be quoted in multiple newspapers and television interviews. He could not have handled it any better. During a time when many did not know what to say or how they should feel, Sean was there. When young men needed a hug, he was there. When the team, school, district and community needed a rock, Sean was there. Sean has certainly been deserving of recognition for years, but it does seem fitting that a man should be recognized in his finest hour." Also, "Sean's influence begins in his classroom, extends to the athletic arena and spills over into the community. He has created the opportunity for young boys to become men, for young girls to become women. He has accomplished this by setting standards and expectations for what is means to be a Wildcat, to commit to a team and to see that decisions have to be made that are to improve opportunities for others, not just to serve the individual."